Thursday, April 02, 2015

A Spring Walk


A Walk in the Spring

The cloud bright sky spans overhead
A child bends to scratch in the dust then
Legs churn to keep up--
A glance up and a smile, a snap 
A moment frozen and kept--
Wings outspread soar high 
Above along the line of cliffs
Towering over the canyon--
The creek chuckles and eats with a splash
Stones fed by chubby hands --
She reaches for his steady hand
And crosses the rapids
Now with dampened feet --
Gnawed cone of a trunk 
Show beaver are near
But hidden


  1. Love the first picture! Even today I always have to stop and smell the flowers. :) Such a pretty photo!

  2. beautiful outing and the words, I love seeing spring in your photos! We are slowly heading that way :)