Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Mi Avril- and more

Dreamy, soft.  Weightless.  Fragile, airborne.

Pink pullover is done except the finishing work.  It is delicate and cozy.  I can't wait to see how the lace pattern smooths out after blocking. 

I dove immediately into Mi Avril in smoky lilac, hoping to finish in time for an April birthday.  This is a long shot, but if it is at least recognizable as a cardigan and close to completion, I will be happy.  

I must admit that I wrestled with this pattern for the first few days after casting on.  I almost quit and picked a different pattern but I have drooled over this pattern for a couple years now so I was loathe to throw in the towel after just five rows. The gathered portion in the back!  The subtle seed stitch on the bodice!  The construction of the shoulders!  The open front!  In a word:  sweet.   I think of Sara Crewe from The Little Princess;  feminine, darling, imaginative.  In a merino/bamboo blend it seems ideal for cool summer evenings and will continue getting wear in the fall.   The pattern was written in French and translated to English and there are places that are unclear in the pattern.  I messaged a dear lady on Ravelry who had recently posted her completed sweater and her advice was to not be overly picky.  Taking her advice, I decided to forge ahead and so far, I am making good progress and there are no glaring problems yet at this point.  Oh that it will stay that way!  

I am still reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman and The Penderwicks at Point Mouette by Jeanne Birdsall and enjoying both in the small amounts of time I can grab.  We are getting away to a cabin with no internet and hopefully(!) no cell phone service - and this is sounding heavenly to me.  I am hoping for lots of reading and knitting time with children playing paper dolls and color books nearby- when we're not hiking that is.  Although it will more likely be children running amok and fussing for food and crying because it's raining and we're stuck in our little cabin and me running around trying to keep Rosie from removing all the games from the shelf.  But we'll see.  The end hasn't been written yet but I'm just trying to keep it real here, folks. 

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along as always!  Can't wait to see what others are reading and knitting this week too!

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  1. gorgeous sweater!! I bet you can knit that one for an april birthday :) Good luck!!