Wednesday, May 27, 2015

yarn along: more gifts

(the following pictures were taken by one or the other of my four and five year old daughters - they're so lovely this silly proud Mama had to share!)

Red red roses
Gentle blue flax
Concerned big sisters
Motrin for teething relief
Points of molars appearing
Sunshine and swings
Elsa and Anna
Family Scripture memorization

These are a few of my favorite things, to continue my focus on thanks-giving this week. 

On the needles is still mainly my Radiance shawl.  I am unknitting a couple rows but that's actually going pretty quickly considering there are about 500 stitches on my needles at the moment.   It's a happy knit (I don't have many knits that aren't happy because I  just love to knit so much), because I am really enjoying the pattern and the lace-weight yarn in spite of it being, well, lace-weight yarn.  I am also working on this Snowbobbles dishcloth in red and white Hobby Lobby "I love this cotton" yarn.  Cute but a bit tedious with bobbles every four stitches in every other row.  Good mindless evening knitting while watching Gilmore Girls or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, two favorite shows. 

I have some gray worsted Malabrigo in my stash and I am planning to use it for this Adama next.  Oh, I love the look of that cowl for some reason; it snatched my attention as I perused patterns.  I haven't cast on yet because at the end of a day with children and gardening and housework, I've been too tired to make another mess by pulling out my ball winder, and I've been content with my shawl and dishcloth for the moment. 

I just finished The Penderwicks at Point Mouette.  There cannot exist for me a happier book than one about the Penderwick family and though I was sad for it to end, I wanted to finish before it was due back to the library.  Now I will focus on All the Light We Cannot See which is a very different kind of book for me.  I don't often read current bestseller types of books and I don't actually read historical fiction much at all; I can't remember the last one I read in that genre since I am just not drawn to them the past several years.  I hope I will enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to.  It makes me feel smart to read books that everyone else is reading.  ;)  (Just kidding.  Kind of.)

I am also listening to Sense and Sensibility on CraftLit, which I can only highly recommend to you.  It's so easy to listen to if you have a smartphone since you can stream it right from the CraftLit app or from the Stitcher podcast app (if you have an Android).  I really love podcasts, they allow me to "read" or learn while I am doing other things with my hands, usually dishes or laundry. CraftLit is my favorite and has been for two years now.  Click through to the link; if you like to craft and you like good books and history and literature, I just bet you'll like it.   Can you tell I think everyone should give it a listen?  

The other thing that has consistently given me something to look forward to over the past two years is the weekly Yarn Along link up.  It has been a gift to me in some of my most anxious moments, just that little pick-me-up to know there are other people with the same passion for yarn and books (and often more of the same passions in other areas too!) as I have!  See you all soon - leave me a comment so I know who stopped by, will you?  I always love visiting you back (that is, if I haven't already).


  1. I so agree, Yarn Along really is something to look forward to. I love to read, I love to knit, and to find all these others who do as well is just amazing.
    Love, love The Penderwicks! Have you read The Saturdays series by Elizabeth Enright? My girls loved them as well.
    Your knitting is just so pretty and delicate. And those girls! Keep on sharing, proud mama! I love to see their gorgeous little faces.

  2. Miss my little girlies! Give them Mimi loves! I want to start All the Light We Cannot See, but I need to finish a different epic I am reading by Trigiani, called The Shoemaker's Wife. I love the look of Adama and think it will be lovely in your yarn.
    Love you and miss you.

  3. Two beautiful daughters with a talent for photography, you have every right to be a proud Mama. The shawl is looking wonderful, stunning.

  4. thanks for the links to the book sites. I will look into them. Love all your yarn colours.

  5. Your girls' take after you, Sarah. :) How fun that you included their pics (I've done that, too, with my Anna's pics, but not for a while...). Thanks for sharing about Craft Lit. I don't have a smart phone, but I'm off to check it out nonetheless.

  6. love the photos and my I would have thought you did them. Gorgeous knitting, girls and I want to read that book too.

  7. Lovely photos. The yarn looks gorgeous and will really suit Adama, looking forward to seeing it.

  8. Anonymous2:41 AM

    I love those flower photos! I don't knit but love to embroider so will go and check out Craft Lit now...