Thursday, August 20, 2015

Lyddie and the Kitty

Sweet kitten, Penny with my sweet girl.

I spent part of the morning in the garden with Millie picking big fat green worms and gray aphids off our brussels sprouts plants.  Ew!  I hope we can save the plants because they are Millie's and she takes such pride in them that she will be disappointed if they die!  I love how she loves helping me in the garden.
I have had fun planting a fall garden in spots where other crops are done, and hope that we might still get some spinach, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, lettuce, and arugula.  We are up to our ears in tomatoes, and I'm excited that I've been able to save our squash plants from the squash bugs thus far.

 The other exciting thing is working on our new schoolroom in the outbuilding next to the house.  I have no idea how I want to make it homey besides rearranging the furniture but I'm thinking about it.  Do you have any favorite things you have done to make a room particularly cozy, especially one with very little natural lighting?


  1. Aw, a school room in the out building makes me think of the Berenstein Bear book The Trouble with Friends. Sister and Lizzy Bruin play school with a chalk board, pointer, and crates for desks and chairs. So, probably that's all you need ;)

  2. Paint! Unless you already have it the perfect color. Something not too dark but cheery. :-) and perhaps a reading nook?

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  5. Sarah, I feel like I sat down and chatted with you over a cup of tea this evening as I got caught up with your wonderful posts! Your knitting is so beautiful, as always, and I found three books to add to my "Must Read" list. :) I am so excited for you as you start out on your homeschooling journey. We are starting our 13th year next week! I wish I had known more about Charlotte Mason's methods when we started out. What a wonderful year you are going to have! I love that you will have a separate school room. I really like adding throw pillows in fun and pretty fabrics to a room. *hugs* :)