Wednesday, September 23, 2015

yarn along: raccoon

The last days of summer are upon us; I thought they were gone a couple weeks ago but have been happy to find that our usually lovely September is indeed here still this year.  The garden is coming to a close; it is nearly time to pick all the green tomatoes to ripen slowly in the root cellar.  The little tiny pumpkins are bright orange against the dying vines (darn squash bugs), and the brussels sprouts are covered in aphids.  I have basically given up, I think, although I really wish to recover my fall garden beds.  Maybe. 

I am nearly finished with Millie's little raccoon hood and I think it's so adorable.  She's really excited about hoods right now and whenever she has a jacket on, her hood is up over her head.  I know I'm biased, but she is extremely beautiful. She is definitely giving me a run for my money this week, though; she is by far my strongest-willed child.  I find I must feed her imagination with fairy tales on a regular basis, because she lives in her own reality no matter what, and at least that way I can direct her little reality toward good and honor and beauty.  I can't wait to see what games ensue when she transforms from a girl into a raccoon.  

I grabbed Flora and Ulysses from the library by my favorite children's book author when I saw it on the shelf.  It is setting up to be, as I expected, a sweet and poignant story about a little girl who-- get this-- finds a squirrel who has just developed superpowers. Flora is a child of divorced parents and lonely with an active imagination and a mother to whom she can't relate.  DiCamillo is so good at developing characters and themes that many children actually deal with in a way that is healthy and beautiful.  

I am still reading Charlotte Mason's  vol. 1 , Home Education,and find it to be repeatedly a thing of deep conviction and at the same time, encouragement and peace.  Ambleside and Charlotte Mason overwhelmingly just feel right to me at this time of my life. 

Sense and Sensibility on CraftLit
King Lear on ChopBard
The White Moll on Forgotten Classics
Peter Pan audiobook cd

Joining with Ginny's Yarn Along and eager to peek at the blogs of so many beautiful crafters!  Happiest of Wednesdays to you!


  1. the hood pattern is adorable!! love the chunkiness of the yarn :)

  2. I think she is beautiful too :) I love that you feed her imagination as she lives in her own world. oh those strong willed children , she sounds just wonderful!

  3. I love Kate DiCamillo books. I can't wait to read them to C. I also haven't listened to Craft LIt in ages. I just seem to be listening to other things right now and don't have time.

  4. That will be a lovely hood. I really like the yarn. My son loved Flora and Ulysses!

  5. Ditto Tracey! How timely for the pattern and when that happens. Always nice to read your lovely posts, Sarah... :)
    Have fun closing the garden (my this afternoon to-do; it's been cold here in the wee hours (34 this morning!).
    xo Lisa

  6. You are allowed to be biased, because you are her mama, but Sarah, she IS extremely beautiful! I cannot wait to see that little raccoon all finished up. SO cute! I can imagine that she will love having adventures will wearing it! *hugs* :)

  7. I am her biased Mimi! She is simply beautiful! I love your school ideology and wish I had had access to this method oh-so many moons ago when I schooled you.

  8. She is beautiful and that raccoon hood is so sweet!