Tuesday, September 22, 2015

school days: dreary dun

Our first week of kindergarten was lovely and very simple.  I decided to start our days with "circle time" for all three girls with a bit of Mother Goose (I just heard from Andrew Pudewa in an interview that early reading of Mother Goose indicates later skill with Shakespeare and his sonnets and iambic pentameter - so interesting!), a bit of Scripture, and a song or two.  The Mother Goose is clearly the favorite part of this routine; today we had a rollicking series of 

"Gallop a dreary dun!  With a heighty gaily gamberally higgledy piggledy niggledy niggledy! Gallop a dreary dun!" 

taking turns bouncing around on mommy's knee.  Happy.   This Circle Time will theoretically develop into a longer routine as the children get older and we have additional subjects that we can cover together in a group and will provide a good consistent routine for the beginning of our days, I hope.  For now it's inauspicious and quiet (or squealy, I suppose, as today showed) and not trying to be much of anything. 

Rosie has a surprising skill screwing in screws with the drill.  Power tools: all part of a well-rounded two year old education, right?

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  1. That's very interesting about Mother Goose, I'd never heard that before. I loved Mother Goose rhymes when I was a kid and I did go on to be pretty adept at reading Shakespeare (I have a degree in English), so there might be something to it. I'm hoping the same will be true for my kids as well.