Wednesday, September 16, 2015

yarn, books, and kindergarten

I have joined the ranks of mothers gasping as if their child is the first to begin kindergarten.  "How can it be?" we ask, "How did the time go so fast?"  My baby is school-aged.  

The sweet little blue dress Millie is wearing was mine when I was young, and I think she looks so completely darling in it.  She chose to keep that one when I was purging many clothes from our storage  Thank you, KonMari, I now have seven (more) trash bags of clothing to donate or consign.

We spent a pretty short time doing our first day of school together; a 10 minute math lesson on odd and even numbers, our very first 20 minute piano lesson, a little poetry read-aloud.  Selections from our composer (Brahms) for this term on in the background much of the morning.  So basic, so sweet and of course they all begged for "More school!"  to which I said, no, it's time to play outside. 

Later, to celebrate this exciting new adventure, I had planned to take the girls to the trampoline park in town for the afternoon.  Oh, they had such fun running across a whole floor of trampolines and foam pits and climbing up trampoline walls, sliding and bouncing their way back down.  We will be going back there again without a doubt. 

So then I got a bit of extra knitting time right in the middle of the day while they jumped; a rare occurrence!  My Hitofude is coming along steadily.  I saw an adorable bear hood on Lisa's blog last week (one of my favorite yarn along friends to keep up with!) and clicked over to Ravelry to see if anything else by designer Heidi May might appeal to my girls.  My Millie got excited when she saw the Ryder Raccoon hood and then decided promptly that she also wanted to be a raccoon for Halloween.  Awesome!  Super bulky yarn for instant gratification!  A sweet winter wear that can also be used as a key component for a costume!  Score!  The really bulky yarn hurts my hands after awhile so in the evening (while now watching X-Files, yikes!) I alternate between the two projects. 
My friends, how did I go so long without audiobooks? When I saw the audiobook of Peter Pan on the shelf at the library, I had to pick it up, having never read it and always meaning to.  I'm halfway through, nearly and the girls enjoy listening to it in the car whenever they're with me too.  

The White Moll on the Forgotten Classics podcast 
Sense and Sensibility on my favorite, CraftLit
King Lear on ChopBard

I am also reading Home Education by Charlotte Mason and will be for a long time.   

I am now back to consistently joining in with the Yarn Along at Ginny's blog; won't you come along too?  Leave a comment so I can visit you back!  


  1. Charlotte Mason was a big influence on my homeschooling path, I loved her teachings.
    How sweet that your daughter is wearing your dress, that is so special.
    I discovered Heidi May a few months ago with I knit Emerson the Palmyre Pullover, and
    I have plans to knit more of her designs.

  2. yay for kindergarten, for some reason she looks taller and older as she holds up her k sign...I am glad your knitting is coming along nicely :)

  3. We're a big fan of audiobooks at our house. The first day of school pictures are so very sweet!

  4. I listen to audiobooks on my 30 min each way commute to work. It's how I get through my enormous list of books "to read". Miss C is in her PreK year and we are actively touring schools. And she often wears clothes that were mine thanks to my mom saving them!

  5. Your girls looks so sweet. And the blue dress? Adorable. I used to listen to audio books all of the time when I was driving to work every day. I should look for some again.

  6. Such sweet girls! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Your girls look adorable. Kindergarten! Wow that is so exciting. I do need to listen to Sense and Sensibility that's a great idea. Good luck on the costumes.

  8. So exciting - it is such a blessing for you to homeschool your girls and be a major influence and part of their childhood. Gorgeous photos. And I love the raccoon - cannot wait to see the cute costumed girls!

  9. So exciting to have a little kindergartener this year! Sounds like they have a perfect balance of lesson time and play :)

  10. Ah the girls look brilliant. I feel the same, my little boy started school this week, he's only four, he's too little!