Sunday, September 13, 2015

this man

Because I'm feeling extra mischievous tonight, I thought you might smile to see these pictures of the most amazing man alive.  I mean, really.  This man.  I took him to be my husband for better and for worse and have never once regretted it.  He's walked through miles of shattering bad that we never could have foreseen and miles of blessed good that we could never have foreseen and I am so amazed by him and proud to be his girl .  

Yesterday, when I asked if we could finish the kitchen floor, I really just meant to put in the floor molding and put the floor vent back in, etc... instead he took the entire laminate flooring apart to reinstall it more perfectly because he knew deep down it was going to bother me, and it was going to bother him too.  This was back-breaking and discouraging work but he kept at it all day and succeeded.  I love love love it.

These pictures are him "tolerating" the camera but usually my best pictures of him are covert.  I am so blessed to be his wife and am amazed by how much we have grown and changed together almost since our first meeting eleven years ago.  We are now in our tenth year of marriage and it has been hard work and sometimes discouraging, sometimes disappointing, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes joyful.  Through it all, I am so glad I have someone like this man to walk beside in this life together.  He takes me the way I am, and yet he has never given up on me when I'm being blind.  Can a girl ask for anything more?


  1. I love this post. In this world, when you usually hear people tear down their spouses, it is SO refreshing to read your words. I feel the same about my husband of 37 years. He is the biggest blessing God has ever granted me.

  2. So beautiful to read! <3

  3. sounds like you are both on a wonderful life journey together as partners (with a fantastic floor!!). Lovely!!