Saturday, October 17, 2015

october light

The light is shifting and turning that deep golden color even in the mornings.  The vibrant leaves against the brilliant blue backdrop of a sky takes my breath away.  

I'm a creator and always when the light changes I itch even more to try new ways of creating beauty, especially in our home as we prepare to spend the majority of our hours indoors again when the weather becomes too uncomfortable to spend indefinite time outdoors.  I swing between discouragement over our fixer-upper with all the work there is to do in order to create beauty, and excitement over seeing all the little changes adding up into bigger changes.  I am hoping that after Christmas we will be able to save again to move ahead even more on the kitchen, especially to replace the countertops.  I dream of new windows but that provision is a ways off financially anyway, although I think it would make a big difference in our heating bill.  I still need to finish the cupboard painting - and soon before the weather turns too cold to paint them outside where we have our work space set up.   

I have all these plans and limited resources but I love what "The Nester" says about limitations- that they are actually beautiful opportunities for creativity and I do think that's true.  I lose sight of that sometimes and instead see only the things that are less than lovely. But over time I hope we can have a really creative and personal home full of things that have special meaning to us. One step at a time, one creative solution at a time.  

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