Wednesday, October 21, 2015

yarn along: october moments

The days are full yet somehow I'm squeezing in knitting in the evenings. The joy of my days is returning and the discipline of thanks-giving is paying off, clearing my eyes, and helping me see the quiet joys surrounding me for what they are.  Curling up on the bed with an already-sleeping two year old, so tired from her refusal to nap in the afternoon these days, just watching her even sweet breaths, resisting the urge to wake her so I can tell her again how much I love her and how glad I am to be her mommy.  Watching my two oldest work together to make their own sandwiches for lunch, discussing the best methods of peanut butter spreading and jam amounts.  Comforting my girl over the cat who just won't stay home but wants to wander.  Peaceful moments in the orchard together gathering leftovers to store in the cellar.  Happy October moments. 

I finished seaming both sleeves on my Hitofude cardigan. I'm full of hope that simply following the pattern is the right choice here because I was surprised by the fact that it joins after the sleeves are done and is then knit in the round for at least some time.  For those of you who have knit it before - can you confirm that I'm on the right track with that or am I totally misreading the pattern?  I dropped a couple stitches last night from the end of the needle while trying to do the three-needle bind off for the sleeve seams and panicked.  (I'm sure it couldn't have had anything to do with the fact that we were watching the most intense and gut-wrenching Gilmore Girls episode to date... well, on second thought...).  I was able to repair it for the most part but not until I had spent the whole rest of the evening trying to figure out how to get the yarn overs and the ssk's back in place.  But I did it.  Whew. 

I couldn't manage to figure out the sleeve seams in the car to the pumpkin patch so instead on a whim I cast on a stripy raccoon tail to go to along with Millie's hood that she plans to wear for Halloween.  I'm still deciding how to do the finishing work now to attach it to her for the evening.  She grinned big when she realized that's what I was working on. 

I made these delicious roll-up blender pancakes for the girls and myself for dinner while Jesse was out at youth group.  They were delicious filled with a bit of this summer's strawberry jam.  I realized too late that this month is a 5-week grocery month and I didn't stretch the budget and plan like I normally would so I'm hobbling together my meal plan based on whatever we have on hand (which is plenty, just not organized).  I do not at all miss the stress of putting together a menu and grocery list from scratch now that I'm using a four-week meal rotation but I do miss the creative aspect of menu planning.  A small price to pay, however.

I am still making my way through The Monster in the Hollows about a chapter or two a day.  Sometimes I read while sitting outside the girls' bedroom door putting Rosie back in bed over and over again during rest time and, well, at least that way I can get in a few more chapters in a day.   I am also reading Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit to Lyddie and chuckling our way through my feeble attempts at the dialect.  She thinks the trickster tales are really funny.  

Linking up with Yarn Along today!  What October moments are your favorite so far?


  1. Your days are blessed sounding and filled to overflowing with all the good stuff. I see sunflower seeds! We did not grow or make any of our own this year. :( I've not knit a hifotude, so I'm of no help to you (one is in my future, though!

  2. beautiful photos and the hitofude is knit in the round for an inch or two then you bind off the neckline and knit back and forth. I'd say you are on the right track. both of my kids quit napping at two....

    1. I have a feeling she's trying to give up nap time but we all rest for awhile in the afternoons with books when we're home so that's a new habit I have to help her learn now that she's no longer sleeping... Hopefully she'll get with the program soon but it might be a few more days for my stubborn munchkin!

  3. I have Hitofude on the top of my list...haven't quite cast on yet though. Soon?

  4. Anonymous6:21 AM

    Beautiful photos and cardigan! It will be so nice when you're finished. Brer Rabbit was enjoyed by us too. :-) That cat looks totally content ~ just a little roamer. :-) Enjoy your day!

  5. Beautiful. Lovely days to love your children and life in general. Peaceful. Hitofude is looking great as well. I admire your meal planning discipline. Hubby and I were just discussing meal planning yesterday and how I want to get back to it. With only two people now, however, it seems more difficult to me.

  6. Sleeping baby, sleeping doll, sleeping cat. looks pretty great there by you!

  7. You sound really calm and peaceful right now, I'm glad you're feeling good. Your cardigan is going to be so beautiful, I just love the look of the stitch pattern. I hope you're having a good week, Sarah.

  8. I had the same issues with the sleeves and how the rest of the sweater just works, but it really does work! Trust the pattern and that was hard for me. I am trying to do better at meal planning myself.