Thursday, October 22, 2015

pumpkin patchin'



The pumpkin patch on Saturday.  We got out the door early because, it being the only fall event of its kind in the area, we knew from experience that it would get busier and busier as the day went on.  

As we walked through the farm, I got so nostalgic, but for what?  I looked around.  Children running happily from the tire swing to the stage with live folk music.  The fire pit crackling, fresh donuts wafting through the air with the smell of pumpkin spice... it's nostalgia for a past that I wasn't even a part of, for past communities that came together for barn raisings and hay baling. It made me nostalgic for the life of the Ingalls family, yes!  That's what it was. We loved being part of this little morning-long community with its tree house, tire swing, music, animals to pet, donuts, and cider-pressing joy.  It was nice to get away from "big Ag" for awhile and visit a family style farm.  Sometimes I miss that so much, miss having CSAs to be part of and options for local food that is really being grown in a way that cares for the land and the community at large. 

Although I clearly went over the plan with her, Rosie looked concerned as the tractor-pulled "train" headed away from us, but she was smiling big when they rounded the corner.  The rest of the afternoon she announced, as if surprised, "I went on the train, mama, but I came back!!"  Dearest dear.  I would never let you go away from me, not yet.  Millie, on the other hand, giggled from the second the "train" bumped forward until climbing out at the end, I'm pretty sure.  Lyddie took her responsibility as the biggest sister seriously and reported proudly that she kept checking back at Rosie and waving to make sure she was doing okay.  

We bumped through cherry, apple, and peach orchards on a hayride, and picked out pumpkins from the field.  Millie was so decisive, she knew which was hers within two minutes of walking onto the field.  I think it might be the first one that she could actually pick up and since she had informed me ahead of time that that was her criteria (not too big, not too small), that doesn't surprise me at all.  That girl knows her own mind, that's for sure. Rosie kept pointing to the small-looking pumpkins in the distance, not realizing that those pumpkins were really full size but just looked small from where we stood.  Sweet funny girl.  Lyddie looks so grown up in these pictures.  Sigh.  Another pumpkin patch trip in the books, the perfect family activity for autumn memories. 


  1. I smiled the whole time I looked through your pictures. Memories. I miss having little ones to take to the pumpkin patch. Our grandbabies live too far away to go with us. So...I enjoyed visiting with you and your small ones. Cherish. Every.. Single. Moment.

  2. Too cute! My goal for the day is to carve FIVE pumpkins. Can I do it?

  3. Sarah, I love, love getting caught up with you! I apologize that I am so inconsistent with my reading and commenting...maybe I should schedule it??? Your posts are always beautiful, encouraging, and thought-provoking. "'s a nostalgia for a past that I wasn't even a part of..." Yes, I understand.

    Your sweater is almost finished (yay!), and the raccoon cowl...SO precious. Your girl looks so happy wearing it. :)

    Much love and many hugs to you!