Thursday, November 26, 2015


The snow was a surprise gift.  We spent all of last winter groaning for snow and wishing for the beauty it brings to our brown winter landscape. We fretted this summer about the water levels and the economic problems the lack of winter snow causes in our agriculture community and felt sad when the experts recommended another dry, warm winter to come.  The "possible freezing rain" turned from a crunchy ice overnight to the powdery soft layer of perfection.  This day's gift was clearly more than just a spirit-lifter for the children but was a quiet reminder from the One who made the weather that He's taking care of it all and His plan is perfect. 

This year I noticed that the snow-gear preparations went almost like a machine.  When did my babies get independent enough to need only minor help like zipping up snow mittens and fastening boots?  I slow to wonder - this is growing up to a mother; the sweet relief of their maturing mingled with the grief that they don't need me so much anymore.  Will there come a day when they don't need me at all for anything? I wonder, then remember how much I still need my own mama, no longer for pulling my hair into a ponytail or tying my shoes but for wisdom and love and listening.  I hope I always point my girls to Jesus and the steadfast love of our loving Father.  They need that now and they need that always and isn't that what a mother is for?  Isn't that the reason we feed tummies and wipe chins and tuck into blankets on a cold night?  

The snow brings many smiles and hours of happy play outside and I am thankful.  Thankful for my husband and his love for his daughters and the pulling of the sled while the snow whirls down and the squeals of tipping over into white pillows of snow.  Thankful for the turkey who gobbled around our land for a few short months and is about to go into the oven and baked crisp and golden next to the luscious bread stuffing.  Thankful for the growth of family and a restoring of joy when it slips and pumpkin rooibos tea and His promise of restoration for all His creation and His strength for this day. 

Happy Thanksgiving, my dear friends.  May it bring blessings and comfort and peace no matter where you are and what you do. 


  1. Lovely pictures. Lovely thoughts. And lovely snow. Living in Spokane, we've been hearing the same dire forecasts for the winter. We didn't get as much snow as it looks like you did, but the little we did receive will still help and I see a snow on the top of Mount Spokane which we didn't see much of last year.

    My husband and I are alone today for Thanksgiving. Our children are scattered all over the world. But we've heard from them all this morning, and we know they love God. So although the house is quiet and it's a bit bittersweet, we know that they're living their lives for Him, and after all, what more can we ask?
    Blessings, Betsy

  2. happy thanksgiving sweetie!! I am jealous of your snow, I wish I had some but at least it is cold outside.