Wednesday, November 11, 2015

yarn along: calmed chaos

The longer I knit the more I realize what it gives me, to hold this untamed potential and shape it into Something. Created from dust in the image of Divine Wonder, I of course have a yearning to take chaos and calm it, pull beauty from it, and stand back to admire. It is very good.
Even when my object rebels, like today, I still love it and see in my mind's eye what I mean for it to be. So when the yarn seems to have a mind of its own, I slowly unravel all the wrong and shape it again. Only--  my attempts also are flawed and my response to imperfections infinitely impatient compared to the One whose will is always perfectly accomplished, who works all His holy will with a firm and loving hand (speaking of which, I will hereafter always hear a toddler voice yelling "Hoe-wee Wiihhhhwww" in answer to the catechism question.)

I am still reading The Warden and the Wolf King, eager to see the conclusion and how the deepest evil is conquered. Lyddie is reading Here's a Penny by Carolyn Haywood aloud to me and her sisters who want to cuddle on my lap all three together while she reads. It is exactly what I wanted for part of our circle time. Perfect for her reading level and so sweet but not schmaltzy. The little boy was adopted as an infant and now in first grade his good friend is jealous of him over the fact that he is getting a kitten when she can't have her own and tries to make him feel bad as if he isn't his parents "real" child. Of course this does upset him and he must figure out how to deal with this situation. All this in chapters one and two! The interactions between Penny and his mom are precious and realistic and my girls felt that too, I could tell by the way they petted my hair and nuzzled my cheek. 

Joining in with the Yarn Along hosted by Ginny today and looking forward to seeing all the other beautiful creative work being shared there.


  1. Beautiful words this morning Sarah, I enjoyed reading each and every one.
    Circle time sounds like it's very peaceful in your home. I miss having all
    my babies at home and us curling up on the couch with hot drinks and
    a good book.

  2. Isn't it crazy that construction for Hitofude? I was never sure about it but if you just follow the pattern it slowly emerges into a gorgeous sweater? I lvoe that! Happy Wednesday.

  3. Looks like you are nearly there with Hitofude! Whoo hoo!

  4. hitofude is looking marvelous!!! it's a little miracle unto itself the way it magically turns into a sweater!!! :)

  5. Carolyn Haywood is such a brilliant author for young children! I grew up reading her stories with my sisters and brothers. The Betsy stories were our favorites. Thanks for the reminder to look them up for my girls! I think they would be just the right level for my oldest daughter.

  6. Lovely as usual, and beautiful knitting! I wouldn't have the patience to work on Hitofude lol too much lace.
    Warm hugs!

  7. oh that hitofude is swimming in perfection and beauty! lovely words :)

  8. Enjoyed my visist this morning, Sarah...seeing your yarn becoming something beautiful, or your words expressing true beauty...delightful! Have a good week, my friend east of the Cascades. (Although we did not get snow, our surrounding mountains did over the weekend! How is it in your part of the state?) xo Lisa