Wednesday, November 18, 2015

yarn along: dust


My friend at church has a little girl a bit younger than my Millie and she wondered if I could make a hooded cowl like Millie's raccoon for her daughter.  Millie and her little one are so cute together and just love each other.  They can often be found squealing and chasing each other around whenever they are together.  I set out to make a cowl and found out that this sweet girl likes foxes so here I am knitting another Ryder Raccoon but this time in orange and black.  I am running out of orange and realized I should have checked the yardage before leaving the store.  Simple knit mostly in stockinette in LionBrand Wool-Ease. 

My Hitofude is kind of quiet this week, I had to still unknit another row, and with the pleasure of a fast and chunky project in my hands with a recipient all lined up, I knew my cardigan wouldn't hold a grudge.

A dust storm blew in yesterday afternoon with what must have been 60-70 mph wind gusts and a steady wind of at least 30 mph.  It was eerie watching it approach when I went to take the trash out.  The brown angry dust clouds were moving quickly across the sky and just beyond them was the blue sky and it looked like a bruise of epic proportions.  Jesse's car blew halfway off the out-of-the-way road (against even his brakes) when he was trying to get home and the visibility was so bad where he was stranded that he couldn't even see six inches in front of him, so he wasn't about to ask a friend to come rescue him.  He wasn't too far from the house of some people we know from church so he thought he would try to make it over there on foot but it was impossible with the wind and the dust whipping around him so he got back in the car.  Soon after, he saw police lights; a sheriff was leading school buses through the dust and Jesse got in the sheriff's car and eventually made it home.  We have no idea what has happened to his car but I guess we'll find out soon enough.  The irony is that he was taking it in this morning to see about an insurance claim from when he backed into something, and the guy called to remind him about his appointment while he was being rocked back and forth in the car hanging halfway into a ditch. When we were on the phone together I could literally hear the wind hitting his car and thought he had on his windshield wipers scraping on a dry windshield.  It was crazy.  Getting a phone call from your husband in the middle of a windstorm that starts with, "Honey, I think I'm trouble," is never good.  Seeing the dust that blew into his pockets in the brief time he tried outside was unsettling too, an unwelcome souvenir of his anxious afternoon. I was so thankful that a policeman happened to be coming by with the buses and thankful again when he walked in the door unharmed. God was gracious to us in this. 

I'm reading The Warden and the Wolf King by Andrew Peterson, the last of the Wingfeather Saga.  I started listening to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court by Mark Twain on CraftLit- back episodes.  I am not even halfway through the first chapter so I can't say how I like it yet. Still listening to War of the Worlds and King Lear but I can't listen to either of those as I'm laying in bed trying to go to sleep - way too intense - so my time to listen to those are minimal just now.  If you're wondering why, you could ask those two munchkins pictured above: they are keeping me busy along with their little sister.  


  1. my goodness! I am so so glad he is okay, kind of scary! I've never been in a windstorm, did they label it a tornado or it was straight winds? yeah, chunky goes way faster than fingering.....

    1. Straight winds- he said it was so crazy watching the power of the wind and the patterns of the dust as it went by!

  2. Oh, Sarah! I'm so glad that your husband is okay. I am used to hurricane winds from growing up in Texas, but not windstorms like you describe. Stay safe, sweet friend!

    You and I are on the same wavelength again with that orange. SO fun! *hugs* :)

  3. What a crazy dust storm! Please be careful my dear.

  4. What a frightening experience. We had a derecho and few years ago that was like that. When you say "wind storm" so few people understand!! My friend is trying to talk me into the wingfeather series... you may have just pushed me over the edge!

  5. We got that same storm in Spokane. 74 mph winds were recorded and I'm told 75 mph is hurricane force! We've lost about half of the shingles on our roof and our power was out for 18 hours but no other damage. We're counting ourselves as blessed. Some of the homes in our neighborhood have their roofs completely off and a few guys who work with my husband have trees through their roofs. A scary night to be sure. I'm sure glad your husband is OK.
    Blessings, Betsy

  6. Oh my gosh! That windstorm sounds ferocious! Sounds like something out of a movie. Hope everything is calm and peaceful now. The children are delightful btw.

  7. That is so scary to not be able t see like that. Glad things are ok though. We had 30mph winds today. Not fun. I almost fell on my butt in the parking lot at work today. That must be that your wind has made it to Colorado today.

  8. OMG, how frightening! I have never been in a dust storm, but have been in several blizzards in a car…scary! So happy your husband is home…hope the car survived.

  9. What a fun project!

    The dust storm sounds very scary....for all of you! Glad everyone is safe.

  10. The weather has been crazy here, too, but not as bad as in your thankful Jesse is ok. Scary to say the least! About that pumpkin much of that colorway being used in Y.A. projects these days, and I couldn't help but notice that it matches your girls' hair. :)
    xo Lisa