Tuesday, December 08, 2015

december simple

The rain thunders on the patio roof as unseasonably warm breezes blow on my daughters who play on the patio cutting holes in big cardboard boxes to make windows for their house. The snow has melted and left the ground saturated; puddles abound and the gravel turns spongy.  

We cuddle in blankets under the Christmas tree and read picture books; I'm so glad I added that as one of our Advent calendar daily activities. We rediscover one of my favorite Christmas picture books:  The Mole Family's Christmas, by Russell Hoban.  My grandparents gave this copy to my mom and aunt in 1969, according to the note jotted inside the cover and it is something I treasure. 

We press wire through cranberries and shape them into hearts to hang over my kitchen window.  They add a 
touch of cheer and home-joy for me. 

Jesse is gone for the evening and I turn on a silly favorite Christmas movies: Christmas with the Kranks.  I haven't ever read the book (Skipping Christmas) but eventually I will.  I love the way the characters and story make me laugh.  

 Happy December, friends.  What simple things have you done lately that make you smile during this Christmas season?

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