Wednesday, February 03, 2016

yarn along: nourishment

I was so surprised to see little shoots pressing their hardest up from the cloddish earth this week.  Already!  Monday I heard a mourning dove for the first time in awhile, I hadn't even quite noticed they had left until I heard it cooing up on the power line in the morning. I have missed their song which immediately transports me to beautiful summer mornings before the heat descends. Other darling little birds have kept me company all the cold months including that one pictured in the tree, which I am pretty sure is a Spotted Towhee. They are such cheery little creatures bobbing around with the sparrows and juncos in search of food.

I had to take my Hitofude off the needles this week (shudder!!) to frog about 8 rows after dropping a few stitches I couldn't recover.  I've finally got the ability to pick up dropped stitches even several rows back but this was right in the middle of yarn overs and k2togs and I just couldn't figure it.  I was able to get the whole thing frogged, the stitches back on the needles and a quarter of the undone part re-knit in one evening.  Worth celebrating, I say!

My resolve to read more this year is keeping my mind nourished and I feel like maybe I have interesting things  to say that don't include the word "laundry" although what I could have to say  about laundry that is interesting, I don't know. I finished the books I scheduled for January and am well into my February books, to which I added The Poisonwood Bible in a read-along with some of you all, hosted by Amanda!  I will have a lot to say about this book, I imagine, and I have always really appreciated Barbara Kingsolver's books.  It's not too late to join us, especially if you can get a copy at your library or if you have it on your bookshelf waiting for some inspired moment like this (like I did)!

Other books open right now:
Winnie-the-Pooh (with the girls for read aloud time), these could handle re-reading often, they are so darling and funny and really funnier the older you get.
Swallows and Amazons by Arthur Ransome which I will finish up this week and may be tempted to add more of the series to my plan for the year because I love it so much.
The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels, you can see my thoughts on this book so far here
Hamlet (audio book via Chop Bard)
Charlotte Mason vol. 1 Home Education which I'm reading at a snail's pace

We are about to start going through The Count of Monte Cristo at the CraftLit podcast this Friday and you should join us because it's not like any other audiobook you'll listen to!  Heather does a great job delivering background information and teaching the book a little at a time.  I recall so much about each book I go through with CraftLit because the slow pace allows me to really absorb and soak in the characters and story.  I'm listening to Hamlet the same way.

I'm linking to the Yarn Along hosted by Ginny.


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you have all of those shoots up already. Spring is definitely in the air where you are! I recently bought a copy of Swallows and Amazons for my son to read, maybe in another year or so he'll be ready for it. I hope you're having a good week, Sarah.

  2. I have Hitofude on my list to knit....once I get caught up with all the work knitting and deadline knitting. I think I need to plan two months this year to just knit other patterns and not work. I need to check out that Barbara Kingsolver book, I love her stuff also. Winnie the Pooh is a favorite read-aloud around here as well (and we are Charlotte Mason homeschoolers as well, hi! Kindred Spirit!)

  3. Swallows and Amazons Forever!! We finished it and are reading Swallowdale, the second book. I hope you enjoy Swallows and Amazons as we did. Sorry to hear of the frogging, but congrats on starting back up again. I know the feeling. It is a pretty pattern.

  4. I checked out Craftlit, it may be something I would join, as you can't read enough books!

  5. Ack. The dreaded frog. But you're right, it's too hard to pick that up again in the middle of those yarn overs.

  6. I am sadden about the ripping out! but I'm glad you found it now and not when you were wearing it that would have been way sadder. lovely shoots!! I've been looking on my walks and nothing as of yet.

  7. Good for you for not giving up on the project!! It's beautiful and worth another try!

  8. Such a bummer to have to rip back so many rows, but I would've had to (and HAVE had to) do the same. :( I think I spy hiacynths poking their noses out of the soil -- am I right? They're one of the few bulbs our deer won't eat which makes me happy. I'll bet you're enjoying the same gorgeous weather we are west of the Cascades. Craftlit really is a treat when I can carve out time for it...too much else on my reading list right now for the kids' schooling to get to it. Glad to be busy with home-educating, though, since in a few years, my long career will come to an end which will be rather bittersweet.
    Have a blessed week, Sarah. :)
    xo Lisa