Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sleek pins of February

The promise of spring pressing up through the dirt
The wooing of beauty and from gray yarn
Celebrating a friend's first birthday on the Rez, an encouraging sister who brings light into whatever room she enters
The astounding delicacy of nature captured by this amazing photographer
Hearing from a dear sister about special Navajo traditions and the similarities she sees in what we are studying in John together
Glancing across the library to see the Littlest flipping slowly through pages of book after book
His promise that all things work together for good- no matter what
The peace that promise brings in the face of unknowns
Paperwhites rising tall against the gray
Watching my little big girl start learning to make chocolate chip cookies


  1. Such a beautiful list Sarah and I love all your photos.
    Have a great Monday!

  2. looks like you have a full and beautiful life :) Spring is just around the corner here as well!

  3. Those pjs with the ruffles! Can I have some? And cookies - yes, but I think ours will be ginger snaps. :)