Wednesday, February 10, 2016

rooted and ready to fly {yarn along}

Hello, my friends.  I hope your February isn't too glum; I know it can be sometimes.  Aren't those cattails breathtaking?  I have been watching them go from solid to wispy over the past few days, the seeds slowly unfurling and preparing to drift away in the spring winds that will be arriving in the next few weeks.  They remain in both worlds; rooted and ready to fly and I feel I am too.  One moment I am in the throes of winter and slow coziness, wanting to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea.   The next moment I am itching for spring and bursting outside to tidy up the place so our outdoor life can begin again.  Thus is February in this place when the weather begins to warm.

I am halfway through what I fully expect is the hardest book I will read this year.  The Poisonwood Bible is by Barbara Kingsolver, who is one of my favorite authors and I remember why every time I read one of her books; she's brilliant.  Sadly, it is a depiction of Christians in which I don't feel convinced even one character (thus far) believes Jesus is who He says He really is and walks in a way that shows they believe it.  I'm sure one could argue another opinion but that's how I see it, anyway.  For a book about Christian "missionaries" there is a remarkable lack of Christ present.  Although it's an intense read, I'm gripped by the unfolding of the terrifying story, but there is a part of me that just kind of wants it over as soon as possible.  There are interesting thoughts here from Kingsolver about the book and characters; I haven't read it all because I'm afraid of spoilers but at least most of it seemed "safe". 

I am coming so close to the end of my Hitofude, right?  I have one more pattern repeat of the lace pattern before moving onto the hem.  I also am finishing up a dishcloth that I had started months ago; my cloths are looking very bedraggled right now and I need to rejuvenate my stash.  I have resolved not to start more new projects until I finish this cardigan but ACK, I need dishcloths!  So basically, nothing exciting or new happening here besides progress on the same old things. 

Other book news:  I now have books designated by activity or area of the house so I always have a book within reach.  The fascinating thing is that in the past few weeks as I allow myself to read a little more during the day and not feel guilty about it, I have noticed Lyddie picking up her books more often and even bringing books to the lunch table.  She also has a few free reading books going at the same time now (for the curious, Ramona and Beezus and Ronia, Robber's Daughter by Astrid Lindgren).  They do what they see, I guess...
*Finished Swallows and Amazons and continued to love it to the last word.  Precious.
*Reading A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola
*Reading and listening to Hamlet whenever I have quiet moments alone
*Just started listening to The Count of Monte Cristo at CraftLit - join us!
*Reading Shiloh by Helena Sorensen which I am LOVING and you can get for free right now! I got it on my Kindle a couple months ago and it just sat there waiting for me to stop ignoring it, which I do with books I get for free sometimes.  It seems like it's going to be a beautiful fantasy series ; I'm 30% of the way in to this first book (isn't that a great feature of the Kindle?  It makes me smile) and I am completely bought into the characters and invested in the mythology of the world. It's a great book for my workout time and makes those long minutes pass quickly.
*Next up: Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (because I can't read Poisonwood before bed lest I have dark and brooding dreams.  This is technically a re-read but I wanted to get back into the series and only read the first one or two several years ago)

I love to sometimes share what TV shows we're watching here because, although TV is definitely not the same as reading, we do tend to watch shows that are heavy on story and characters and I know I love to know what others are watching and enjoying too. Right now I'm watching "Stargate Universe," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Angel" with Jesse and I am watching "The Great British Baking Show" once in a while with the munchkins.  On the nights I'm home alone and not writing, I watch "Velvet," a Spanish TV drama that reminds me of the BBC's "The Paradise."

Linking up with Yarn Along today, won't you leave me a note so I know you stopped by?  Any favorite shows you are watching right now?


  1. I always have a dishcloth on the needles, not only do I use them, I give them away as part of my Christmas gifts. Just keep one going in your purse, it's easy to do a row or two while waiting in a line or being on hold while on the phone.
    I am no help when it comes to tv shows, the only show I watch faithfully is Survivor ;)

  2. I am watching Mercy Street on Pbs and it is great, but hard to watch.

  3. I loved that book and it was quite shocking at what they believed before they left, while they stayed and then afterwards. I found it profound and a big thought provoker. I love mercy street but close my eyes during the bloody scenes :)

  4. The Count of Monte Cristo is one of my favourite books and i really enjoyed The Poisonwood Bible

  5. Like Tracey, I've got washcloths going pretty much all the time; they make for good knitting during conversation as they require virtually no attention from the knitter. Thanks for sharing about Poisonwood -- I've not read it, but bought it and now find I need to put it off in order to keep up with and finish the other books I'm reading. Maybe this summer once my school reading is all finished... T.V.? Downton, Poldark, and The Man in the High Tower

  6. Okay. My curiosity is piqued! Your reading list sound very interesting! That Hitofude is going to be so, so beautiful, and so worth all of your time. I continue to cheer you on!

    My tv viewing as of late: watching back through Foyle's War, watching back through Frasier, watching through for the first time The Amazing Race (I have no idea why watching people race around the world is fascinating to me, but it is.), and really, I will watch any British period movie. :)

  7. Your Hitofude is so pretty and almost done! Exciting! I love the cat-tail photos. It's been warm, chilly, warm, chilly here in Spokane and I, too, am so ready for spring.

  8. Glad to hear your take on The Poisonwood Bible. I picked a copy up at the thrift store several years back but haven't read it yet. Sounds like it might not be worth my precious time. I hardly ever get time to read and I rather fill it with things that are uplifting and encouraging! Just found you through Hannah Marie's blog.