Wednesday, February 17, 2016

yarn along: puppy love

Forgive the fact that Rosie has taken over this post.  She is at an age that is just so fun to capture in photographs and given the fact that she seems to be our biggest entertainer, she is irresistible. 

We brought home a new darling this week and there is so much adorable happening here, as the pup traipses along behind anyone who walks begging with big puppy eyes for attention.  When she and Rosie play tug o' war, I can't tear my eyes away.  We named her Freya which means "Lady" and is the Old Norse goddess of love.  Fitting for a dog who came home with us on Valentine's Day, I think!  She is half Maremma and half yellow lab, we think.   Sweet and friendly and immediately seemed to bond to me and loves playing with the girls. Perfect. 

Hitofude cardigan still on the needles and I have returned to my Sweetpie ABC's sampler this week with just 11 motifs left to finish. 

It was a busy weekend with family visiting from out of town so things slowed down.  I struggled to keep up with the Poisonwood Bible Read Along but was glad that I wasn't the only one having to push hard.  It's a painful heavy beautifully written book. I am caught up now and have the rest of the month to finish the last third of the book.  Should be easier going now I hope.  

I am a bit ahead in my reading schedule so I picked up Outlander by Diana Gabaldon at the library for a re-read to get back into the series.  It is definitely a much needed break from Poisonwood when I pick it up in the evenings.  I am still chipping away at The Inspired Room by Melissa Michaels. And Hamlet, slowly but surely.  I always forget how much I enjoy Shakespeare until I get into the language again and find myself enjoying it all so much. 

Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along where we chat about books and yarn projects!  Join us! 


  1. Adorable Rosie and puppy photos! :) My Anna would be jealous...she wants a dog so bad! We're having to put it off until after our vacation this summer, but summer should be a good time for us to get a new pup. I had to shelve Poisonwood as I realized I just don't have the time to commit right now, and after reading your and others' comments on it, I'm glad I did. Another time...

  2. This post brims with pure cuteness! What a sweet puppy.

  3. Freya is ADORABLE! It sounds like you have been busy with family and puppyness!

  4. Congrats on little Freya! She is adorable. I can definitely see some yellow lab in there. I look forward to watching her grow on the blog! Enjoy

  5. It took me FOREver To get through the first Outlander. Now I am into watching the series of DVD.

  6. congrats on the pup, she is adorable and so is your little girl. I loved that age where you just couldn't stop taking photos.

  7. Oh so much goodness here! Freya is scrummy but so are your kids. Beautiful. Your sampler is looking gorgeous and the Hitofude looks really interesting. I just checked it out on Ravelry and I can think yours will be stunning on your yarn choice. Have a happy week ahead chasing puppy tails!