Tuesday, March 15, 2016

action and inaction

Our hike to the cliffs of the Columbia River seems like light years away in some ways. In other ways it feels like it just happened.  The gorgeous spread of creation falling away before our feet in every direction; mountains, rivers, cliffs, rock formations, the surprise of early wildflowers.  Gentle breeze, a quiet picnic lunch on a grassy knoll, playing keep-away-the-crackers from the puppy.  I hope it is as happy a memory for my children as it is for me.  An ideal March day out of doors if ever there was one.

As I mentioned last week, I am waiting to hear from a doctor about what is going on with my thyroid.  I suspect that any time anyone has ever uttered the words "There's a mass" the listener's heart stops for at least a few brief moments.  That's the kind of experience I had last Tuesday.  The soonest scheduled appointment I can get nearby is April 20, with hopes of a cancellation.  

The surrounding of friendships and family has been a great encouragement to me.  Daily texts from friends of Scripture verses or other quotes sent my way are now scribbled on a poster on the wall so that every time I come to the table I am reminded with a very visual set of promises from my Lord about His goodness in all circumstances, in both waiting, and knowing; in action and inaction.  Praying for others seems to be the best antidote for the strain of worry nagging in the corners of my mind and I am at more peace most of the day than seems logical, for which I can only say thank you to the Holy Spirit for His kindness in imparting His peace that passes understanding. I have a few friends that certainly need extra prayer right now and I am reminded of God's good plan for me and my family as I pray for His courage and peace for my friends too.  


  1. Oh sweetie, hang in there and have faith! Much love

  2. Praying very hard for you that all is well.

  3. Thank you friends, I appreciate it so very much!