Tuesday, March 15, 2016

yarn along of march

What do non-knitters do to stay sane?  I'm sure most people have something that soothes them but I haven't found anything as good as the rhythmic click-click of two needles pulling magic out of a tightly wound ball of string, albeit lovely string at that. 

I am ready to decrease at the crown of Jesse's hat and then will pick up stitches for earflaps along the brim.   It was so fun to see the colorwork emerge and work out from my own mind and I couldn't put my knitting down and I realized how people can get so caught up in the joy of designing knitwear.  I couldn't find any Native American designs for colorwork already charted in a size that would work for a worsted weight hat so I went ahead and just came up with my own.  I like it.  It works.  I'm proud of myself.  Go team!

Oh, and I also finished Hamlet.  I'm on a roll. 

I'm reading Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, and The Story of King Arthur and His Knights by Howard Pyle.  I'm sure I learned about King Arthur at some far distant part of my past but I have always felt like I couldn't recall much and that it was a gap in my knowledge so I'm glad I'm reading it.  It's been on the shelf for ages... Outlander is a reread for me since I wanted to return to the series but didn't remember enough to pick back up with book three so decided to start over.  It is a fun, fast-paced book (especially if you speed read through flowery descriptions of the landscape which I fully admit to doing).

I finished The Inspired Room and I liked it.  I did, really?  Well, nah, it wasn't as inspiring as I'd hoped it would be based on the gorgeous look of the book and the first chapter or two; most of the content didn't do much for me.  I was reading it in small chunks as I did my hair in the mornings or whatnot so I didn't invest too much into it either and don't feel like it was exactly a waste of time.  My attitude may be due to the fact that we're hoping to sell this house and start over so my heart isn't in making this place "ours" at the moment much as it might have been if we were planning to stay here long term.  I am sure there are people who loved it.  For me, it didn't even touch The Nesting Place, the only book I've read that would be comparable.  I think what I really need right now is more DIY inspiration for home decor than anything else and that's really  not what the book was about.  If you have totally favorite blogs or books for that kind of inspiration, would you let me know in the comments? 

Oh and did you see this beautiful quilt pieced together over at Posie Gets Cozy?   Sigh.  Want!  I'm getting set to cut out fabric to make something like this little doll carrier for Rosie for her birthday, so knitting might take a tiny backseat for the week. Linking up with Yarn Along at Ginny's!


  1. I don't know how non knitter's make it during the day, it just baffles me ;) Thank goodness we have sticks and fiber in our lives.
    Don't you just love Howard Pyle? He has long been a favorite in my home. Have you read G.A. Henty? He's another great one.

  2. I would be in a loony bin without knitting. Still praying for you my dear!!

  3. I loved that quilt. She has such a talent of putting together colors that just work together!

  4. Yes I saw the quilt. I love all her work. Your hat looks great. I have only tried stripes so far. I've only been knitting for a couple of years. I am much saner now though! Seriously though, I have anxiety and knitting really does help me a lot.