Wednesday, March 30, 2016

lambish march


Spring is full upon us.  The wind yesterday wasn't cold enough to even chill the air and I kicked off my shoes as I watered and weeded.  School plans were abandoned in favor of other educational pursuits: we picked out flowers at the nursery and got our hands dirty nestling the roots in the soil.  We wandered into the thrift store and ran our fingers over book spines and savored words well past lunchtime and came home more than a dozen treasures for as many dollars.

 I couldn't believe my eyes:  Anno's Counting Book?  Elizabeth Enright?  Dickinson?  Barbara Cooney?  Some of my favorite children's book authors and illustrators!  

On the way home from church on Sunday, Rosie said, "Mommy!  Jesus isn't in the tomb anymore!"
"You're right, love!  Where is he?"
(eyes shining and face alight) "In my HEART!!!"  
Hallelujah - out of the mouths of babes.

One Memoirs mitt is complete and one underway.  I'm planning something next with a skein of Cascade Heritage prints fingering but haven't settled on a pattern. Socks would be a logical choice for such a sweet self-striping yarn but I just don't that excited about sock knitting at this stage of my life.  Maybe they're too hidden and too functional for me. I'm sure all you reading this who are sock enthusiasts think there's something wrong with me! I'm getting better at using the Ravelry browse function so I'm spending way too much time looking at patterns lately!  I'm really liking how this knitter's Hitchiker using the same yarn (in a different colorway) looks so I'm leaning toward that pattern and feeling excited about it. 

 I am gathering materials to cross-stitch Rosie this Shepherd's Bush stocking.  It's a bit pricey to buy it all so I started this month and will order the second half next month.  By then I will have my Posie Gets Cozy sampler done and I can start right in with no delay. I was second guessing the purple-pink tones for a project that I hope will be used for many years at Christmas and was a bit relieved when the floss arrived and the purple is much more like a soft gray than a bright lavender.  The photo of the project isn't in the best light.  I love Shepherd's Bush patterns, a love I inherited from my mom.

I finished reading Outlander this week.  Halfway through the book I wasn't as enthralled as I wanted to be so I have decided to skip the rest of the series and just try watching the show eventually which was really the reason I was re-reading the first part of the series anyway - I try to always read before watching anything but when you kind of just want a book to be over so you can read something else it's a sign.  I was so close to the end by the time I realized I felt this way that I figured another 150 pages (out of 850) was worth finishing to call it done on my book list.

I'm nearly finished reading The Prairie Thief  by Melissa Wiley which is excellently written and completely delightful.  I can't say enough wonderful things about it.   I have it from the library but I know it will end up in on our family's bookshelf one of these days, probably as a gift to a girl. I'm also nearly finished with King Arthur by Howard Pyle and I feel like I finally have a grasp on some of the Arthur mythology beyond that which I retained from my childhood watching of Disney's The Sword in the Stone - eek.  I'm also listening along with CraftLit to The Count of Monte Cristo but I'm several episodes behind.  I have too many podcasts I enjoy and can't keep up with any of them in my limited listening time! 

We are watching season one of the Amazon show "Orphan Black."  Have you seen it?  Jesse wants to binge watch it but it's bordering on too dark for me, especially to binge-watch but I am hooked and enjoying it in one-episode doses.  If you like action packed intrigue you may like it (although I must warn about some sexual themes and scenes and violence that I could do without but what show doesn't include those these days?).  Our tacit agreement is that we can watch one episode if we also watch an episode of Downton Abbey season three, which is where we left off several years ago...  aren't I a tricky fox?  

Happy spring, my friends.  I hope March is going out like a lamb for you and I hope to see many of your projects and pages today!  Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along!


  1. I haven't seen orphan black, I'll have to check it out. We just started season 2 of grantchester on pbs. It's a good murder mystery set in the 1950s. Lovely knitting!

  2. Such pretty mitts. It took me SSSSSOOOOOOO long to read Outlander. I am sticking w the tv series from now on.

  3. Pretty spring pictures! I love the gloves and that Peter Pan book cover. Hallelujah indeed, her response is precious.

  4. I've not seen Orphan Black but will check it've got yourself quite an arrangement there with the alternating viewings. Downton is worth it. LOVED the way they ended it, but I won't give anything away. :)

  5. i am quite distracted by that cute little face!!! hehehehe and your eggs, really special!!!

    the mitts are beautiful, i have a pair, half done, i just could not master the "v".....and so they sit!!!

  6. So many wonderful things found thrifting. How wonderful and clever is your daughter! I don't like watching dark shows either, I love period t.v series but I did end up watching Orphan Black and really enjoyed. Just not when I'm in a highly sensitive mode though.