Wednesday, April 06, 2016

yarn along: new everything

Good morning my friends! 
It is spring break here and while my husband rips apart and puts back together our family's only bathroom, the girls and I drove to the Seattle area to visit my parents. We have lovely plans; today I am taking them to the Children's Museum in Tacoma for the day while my parents are at work. No, actually, my dear dad asked for time off and is driving over to Yakima to help Jesse with the bathroom. I have such kind parents and I am really grateful to them both! 

I'm so glad I started a project that is fairly mindless knitting for this trip so I can knit and chat easily enough. I cast on a Hitchhiker shawl with self striping Cascade sock yarn and I really like how it's coming out!

I have two new reads too. Gilead is beautiful writing and speaks deeply to my soul now and then. I have never read anything by this author but I imagine that I will probably read everything by her eventually. I knew that by the end of the first ten pages. It's lovely so far. 

My Antonia by Willa Cather is a reread but since I read and hated it in middle school it is like an entirely new book. I hardly remember it and now the landscape looks so different in my mind as I go. The pictures in my mind from the first time I read it were more like Antarctica. Now when I pick up the book I am transported to Wyoming. I really like it. 

What are you reading or creating? 
I am linking in to Ginny's Yarn Along today. My post is from my phone so the format may look different than usual, I'm not sure! Happy Wednesday, I hope it is a beautiful spring day where you are as it seems to be here!


  1. have fun with your family :) your hitchhiker is beautiful I need to knit that one day (soon).

  2. so many things in life are worth a 'reread'!!! love the scarf.....:)

  3. i am not a reader, i wish i were!!! your shawl is beautiful, mindless??? not for me i'm sure. i like the yarn and the way it is creating such a pretty pattern!!!

  4. Gilead and Home are two of my favorite books, the writing is so beautiful and sometimes heartbreaking at the same time. Your shawl is coming out beautiful.

  5. Your Hitchhiker is beautiful! I just bought my daughter-in-law a skein of Madtosh to knit up a hitchhiker of her own...she's a new knitter, so I'm eager to see her wearing it one day! Hope you share a pic when yours in finished. :)

  6. Love on-the-go projects! I always try to have one for a road trip. Such a lovely color of yarn you are using!! Enjoy your time with the loved ones!!

  7. Your hitchhiker in that yarn is gorgeous - great choice!