Wednesday, April 27, 2016

yarn along: books and more books

I am so glad I remembered I love reading.  It is hard to imagine that there was a period of time that I read hardly at all, back when my oldest two were babies.  I realize now that I really could have been reading even then by just deciding to read.  It has been that simple.  If I have a book in a couple convenient locations, I find I am really moving through books at a rate of three a month which I would never have believed a few years ago! I think I can give all credit to the yarn along friends I have made. When The Snow Child was on everyone's yarn along posts three years ago, I checked it out at the library and couldn't put it down and that was it for me. I haven't stopped reading since.

Speaking of The Snow Child, did you know that Eowyn Ivey's second book will be released at the beginning of August?  I have checked often on that author to see if she's written anything more and now a new book is finally coming out.  It's called To the Bright Edge of the World and is available for pre-order on Amazon.   Did you read The Snow Child?  Would you read more by that author?

I finished knitting the little Amanda hat for Ginny's sweetheart on the way and will tuck it in the mail to her this week.  I love that pattern and wanted to cast on another but instead I am finishing up my second of the Memoirs mitts pattern; simple knitting with a simple pattern that will give me something warm and cozy to keep my icy hands warm next winter. 

I finished Gilead by Marilynne Robinson this week and dearly loved it.  My Antonia by Willa Cather will be finished this week too.  I have enjoyed it much more than when I read it in middle school without being mature enough to truly appreciate it. It's really incredible writing of characters and setting. I continue to read A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola and will immediately start Raymie Nightingale, the brand new Kate DiCamillo book, as soon as it is in for me at the library this week. **Squeal!!**  I can't wait! I love everything she's ever written and have been following the process of this book in anticipation. 

I am listening to Wuthering Heights (audible) and The Count of Monte Cristo (CraftLit), just tiny bits at a time.  I am not making speedy progress with my audiobooks right now but it seems to go in seasons. 

We are talking about getting bees.  That would be a years-long dream come true.  Of course, the way we make decisions is that we will talk about for three more years and then finally do it and then mess it up and not really get started for another year after that.  But we're talking. Maybe by then we'll be at a place where we could have a couple goats or a few sheep...

Joining in with Yarn Along at Ginny's blog as I always do on Wednesdays... Won't you leave me a note in the comments below so I can hop over to visit you too?


  1. That is such a sweet little hat Sarah, perfect for a little head!
    I didn't know Eowyn Ivey had a new book coming out...I can't wait as I love The Snow Child.
    Great news on the bee front!

  2. I hope you get bees! that is exciting :) I loved the snow child and yay for a new book to be! also your knitting is quite beautiful and I love the hat!

  3. i love when books look like that, that little curl when you can tell that someone has read it!!! your knitting is beautiful, i really like the colors in the hat!!!!

  4. Oh you are reading an all time favorite book of mine! I think now I must re-read it! Lovely knitting :)

  5. That hat is just plain adorable! I love it.

    And I love what you said here about reading ~ " I realize now that I really could have been reading even then by just deciding to read." So true! I don't believe that there is time to do everything I'd really like to, but I do believe that it is good for our souls and lives to do things we love and make time and room for some of these things that energize and refresh us.

    Your method of fulfilling dreams sounds very similar to how it often works for us as well! :) Rome wasn't built in a day.