Wednesday, May 04, 2016

vertebrae yarn along


Y'all, it's been all birthdays all the time over here.  We have three birthdays within 12 days in our family and I can happily report I made it through the birthday madness once again.  

Millie's birthday (FIVE!!) brought pierced ears while cuddling the Claire's teddy bear and I also made her that baby doll carrier in the pictures.  The straps had to be taken back out after she opened it but now it fits her great and I'm glad I made it.  There is always arguing over the baby doll stroller... maybe this will help.  

Rosie turned three and began swimming lessons.  She looks so tiny as the youngest in her little class. 
I have cast on a little cardigan for Millie in Berocco Cotton.  It is easy knitting and she will have a lovely light sweater when it's done.  I love knitting for my girls. 

I have picked up new books this week: Raymie Nightingale, the new book by Kate DiCamillo, and Shiloh, the first of a fantasy trilogy by Helena Sorensen.  I haven't really heard about this series anywhere much but I can't figure out why because it's GOOD.  Really, really good.  The world it takes place in is so fascinating and basically a character within the story. 

I finished My Antonia this week.   I really enjoyed it; the ending wasn't what I was expecting.  


Joining with Ginny for Yarn Along again this week. 


  1. You are the second person in a week to tell about My Antonia. I'm putting it on my goodreads queue. Isn't FIVE crazy? Miss C turned 5 in January.

  2. Glad you survived all the birthdays! The doll carrier looks great :)

  3. happy birthday to your girls!! my daughter when she turned five had her ears pierced as well :)

  4. Happy happy birthdays! Wow, three in 12 days - you are a hero. At least you are done for the year now :) I love the stitch definition of Berocco cotton, and what a great color!