Wednesday, August 10, 2016

qiviut and recycling yarn

Yarn:  I cast on a cowl with the beautiful qiviut (muskox!) yarn brought back by a friend from Alaska last year.  It's been sitting in my yarn basket waiting for me to hunt for the right pattern.  I am hoping it doesn't come down to yarn chicken - I have 180 yards and the pattern is listed as requiring 180-220 yards so it might.  The halo to this yarn is gorgeous and it's so very soft.  

I've also been searching for a project to use with some yarn I unravelled from a thrifted sweater that I want to repurpose.  The biggest problem is being unsure of the yardage I have.  The colors are a soft beige and a bright neon pink.  I think I've settled on trying the Portland Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge.  The yarn was originally knit into a large pullover so I imagine I have enough for a somewhat open cardigan and I like the idea of the body being beige and the ribbing in bright pink.  I think the division of yarn quantities in that pattern look like they might be just about right for what I have.  It's quite different than my usual color scheme since I usually choose jewel tones if I buy colorful yarn but I think it will be really cute if I can pull it off; and can you really beat yarn for a sweater for $5 + a bit of work to ball it up?  

Books:   my reading is a-little-here and a-little-there.  I finished HP #1 last week so I pulled #2 off the shelf but haven't started it yet.  I had checked out Circus Mirandus from the library and then later stumbled on several recommendations of the same book so I decided to try to commit to it.  My most committed read right now is actually an audiobook - A Shepherd's Life by James Rebanks.  I am really enjoying it.  It is the second non-fiction  biographical style book I've read the past few months - a genre I'm usually not that interested in - and I am realizing how much I've been missing by ignoring that genre of books!  It is so interesting to learn about the ways of life in other places of the world, in history, and in life experiences.

However, committing to anything right now is a bit difficult because we just put our house on the market last week.  A lot of my energy is going toward extra projects to try to make our home more attractive and show-ready.  The place we want to buy is nearby and we've had our eye on for months as it was in foreclosure.  It is now bank-owned and just went on the market last week.  We are praying the Lord might send us a buyer for our house quickly so we can put an offer on it.  The bank won't accept an offer contingent on the sale of our home because they just want to offload it, so we are praying we can be the ones to take it off their hands.  Say a little prayer for us if you are willing - my brain knows it is all in the Lord's hands but there is still a stressful, somewhat hurried feeling in my heart sometimes because someone else may come along and snatch it up before we can make an offer.  I know His timing and plan is perfect, so I'm trying to let go of control and trust Jesus and His promises to sustain us through anything in the days to come.  It's an hourly battle.

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  1. so hope all those stars align for you and your dreams come true!!! (we were lucky enough to be in a similar situation 20 years ago....and it had a happy ending. wishing the same for you.)

  2. Your cowl is going to be crazy warmthis winter. I hear about people reclaiming yarn all the time. Hopefully someday, I too will try it. As for the hard it is to let go and let God. Your family will be in my daily prayers for God's will to be done.

  3. That cardigan is wonderful. Sending prayers for the house selling and buying. Our daughter and son in law are in a similar boat.

  4. Sounds like you're trusting in the right source, dear Sarah. Praying your dreams here come true! Lovely knitting...I sometimes buy a 2nd hand sweater for the yarn. Such a thrill to get nice yarn for so little. xo

  5. there is nothing like playing yarn chicken when knitting! I bet you have enough yarn, but I'll send some good vibes just in case.