Sunday, August 07, 2016


A day at Rimrock Lake not too long ago was a wonderful chance to rest together as a family in the middle of the busy summer schedule.  I love our trips there because in the middle of the week it is pretty quiet there and our girls can wander along the shoreline gathering sticks and rocks and splashing in the water and getting as dirty as they want.  I alternate between laying on the blanket knitting and reading, traipsing along with them, and jumping in the lake to cool off.   Many of these pictures were taken by Lyddie and Millie - they begged to have a chance to use my camera and I was a little surprised at how many of their pictures were really lovely.  
The sequence of pictures with Rosie and I made me laugh; her expressions are so funny.  She's my challenge right now (I think age three is much harder than two in spite of the term "terrible twos"):  asserting her independence but not able to do all the things she wants to, trying out new fun thing like lying to avoid getting in trouble, and frequently whining and fussing to get what she wants.  I remember this stage with the other girls and having been through it now twice before I can confidently say "this is normal - unpleasant but normal" and with consistent interactions and discipline, it will pass and I'll get back my sunshine girl again, I expect.  Whew, I'm tired by the end of the day.

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  1. I especially like the last one of you and Rosie - such a cute little look she's giving you. I totally agree about twos and threes. Threes are hard!