Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jesus loves me

The shadows stretch a bit longer now, and condensation gathers on the windows in the mornings.  The sunflower heads hang low as if ashamed by their fruitfulness, bowed by the weight of the drying seeds.  Brought low by the growth and new life they promise. 

Squelchy mud clings to shoes on a morning walk past the orchard.  We round the bend and see the calf folded under it's mother in the corner of the pasture, but suddenly the dog barks loud and jumps at the fence to see this surprising creature, and the mother and calf run to the middle of the pasture before we get a chance to see it near.  

A second round of raspberries hang heavy on the brambles, unnoticed in this season of packing and uncertainty.  When you've practically sold your home but haven't yet got one to move into, raspberry beauty is probably more important than ever - but gets forgotten.  

How can it still be so stunning to me how fickle my heart is?  I am weak, yet He is strong. This upheaval is a passing challenge and His mercies are new every morning.  

Yes, Jesus loves me.  

Sometimes I stomp my feet and declare Him a trickster, how can He have betrayed me so?

Then oh, the sorrow I feel over this churning heart full of tyrant feelings seeking to rule me when I see what I've done: my own betrayal, my own "I don't know the man."  My face reddens and my repentance is genuine and deep.

Jesus loves me when I'm bad, 
when I talk back to my Dad
When I stomp and whine and pout,
Poke my bottom lip right out

Yes Jesus loves me.

(New lyrics that I love and sing to our girls from Randall Goodgame - here.  And will you say a prayer for us, that the Lord would guide us in the next season?  We will continue to be in ministry as usual here on the Rez but when an offer of our asking price came in for our house, we felt it was a clear provision from the Lord as a way out of a house we didn't feel was the best long term option for us and moved forward.  The house we hoped to buy and restore had an offer on it just a week before we sought to put an offer on it, and there is nothing else clear on the market in our area at this time.  We are trusting that God has a good plan for us and that He is protecting us but would love prayer to continue to trust Him in the uncertainty.  Thanks, dear friends!)


  1. Oh friend. Uncertainty is so hard. But He is faithful to complete what He has started. And He has definitely started something by selling your house. Continuing in prayer with you.

  2. Well, sweet lovey--you know I am praying for you! I so loved being with all 4 of my girls this weekend and can't wait to come back, even if it means helping you to pack!