Thursday, September 01, 2016


Some dear people offered their cabin to us this summer and we were able to spend several days there.  We were so blessed by our time away as a family playing, kayaking, and paddleboating, and fishing.  A glorious day at the seaside was so replenishing; I wish we could visit the beach every single day of life.  I am always so restored by sitting in the sand, watching my girls play and run, and playing and running with them. I think everyone's favorite memory was "rescuing" our sandcastle from the waves by digging trenches and higher walls (a battle that we ultimately lost, with a few tears).  However, building a driftwood fort with the girls in the sand is vying for "favorite memory" for me, too.  
Our summers are fast, chaotic, and this one didn't include many day trips like we usually have because of swimming lessons and illness, so having a focused time to reset our family patterns and relationships was a wonderful way to prepare for fall.

This week I am constantly cleaning to keep the house ready to show. We are praying hard for someone to make an offer on our house so the ball can keep rolling forward but accepting that God's plan and timing are best. 


  1. I'm so glad you got a restful time away! I've been praying for that and for your house. No baby here yet, so maybe I will write you tomorrow!

  2. you have some awesome friends!! lovely getaway and your girls are growing up fast!!

  3. Wonderful time! I will pray with you to sell the house!

  4. What a gift! So happy for you both with the time away and the offer on your home! xo