Saturday, November 19, 2016

autumn at the Arboretum

Happy memories in the beautiful golden afternoon.  Aren't grandparents the best?  Our girls are so lucky to have so many wonderful grandparents and great grandparents!  We had a sweet visit with my parents last weekend; they stayed in our kind friends' house five feet away from the little house we are staying in for now.  
We will be driving to Spokane next week to visit more family - aunties and uncles and grandma and great grandma to the girls!  I hope we will have plenty of time to enjoy each other's company and talk and laugh and play games.  It is exciting to see everyone; we never make as many trips to see all our different family as we wish we could so we really try to make the most of each time.  

There may be a house on the horizon; our house may actually close one of these days so we can move quickly ahead if anything arises officially.  Still no news to share besides we are really doing fine and happy in this little place for now.  I love the pellet stove and the fact that it doesn't take much time or energy to clean it!  I am so thankful.


  1. boy you've been busy! Safe travels and I loved the photos of everyone :)

  2. Oh how I love some of these! I definitely need to print some for my office!