Wednesday, November 23, 2016

buds and bumbles begins

The sunshine is so golden when it shines, but this morning I look out the window and it's frosty and white-blue with cold.  We are about to start running around getting ready to leave town. Suitcases are packed tight with clothes and the sweet potatoes are roasted, salad fixings ready to travel. 

I cast on finally with some of the birthday yarn from my Mama; I cast on Martina Behm's "Bud and Bumbles" shawl (which I apparently can't link to since ravelry seems to be down right now for me) using Schoppel, this incredible color gradient.  Isn't it lovely?  While I hadn't been knitting much, I've been cross-stitching like a fiend on Rosie's stocking.  I have made significant headway but I still don't really expect it to be finished and ready to use on Christmas.  Especially because the sewing bit may be a challenge with no sewing machine right now.  Cross-stitch is still my first love; nothing will replace it, even knitting with it's daily dose of calm and peace.

Lyddie had her seventh birthday.  How can that be?  I love that picture of her laying in the middle of the floor listening to her audiobook with her new headphones and holding tight to her balloons.  "Mama, I can't stop thanking you for these, I love them so much!!" she says.  Meaning, of course, she can't thank me enough. She is such a beautiful-smart-funny-interesting-kind girl.  A great big sister, a wonderful daughter.  I am thankful for her.  She is such a treasure and although of course not primarily my friend, yet she is in a way, my dear little friend.  

The girls have been beading away on these Wampum belts, which we first learned from our friend at church activities and I then replicated here at home.  I love seeing their random selection of beads and now that Lyddie has finished her first one, she has charted and designed the color pattern of her next one on a graph.  

We might sign for the sale of our house today.  It would miraculous if we did, and I don't quite expect it but I do hope for it.  Otherwise we will hopefully sign the papers early next week. There are so many "I hopes" going on right now. We are eager to finish the deal because there is now another house we hope buy on the market, a house we heard about through the grapevine before it was listed.  The seller is a friend of several of our friends and she said she was not very hopeful about finding a buyer when her husband got a new job far away, which made me smile because I felt the exact same way when we listed our house and the Lord provided a buyer for us and hopefully we are the buyers He is providing for them. It is an old farmhouse with a lot of character on two acres.  There are so many things that are almost exactly what we prayed for and I hardly dared hope for. I still feel like I'm holding my breath a bit.  This is really God's doing thus far, I think, and I am trying to be still to let Him lead us and finish the work. 

Last, I am back to reading Rebecca.  I took a little break and read Wonder by R.J Palacio- so good! - and figured I'd go back to this creepy crawly book to try to finish it.  

You can visit the Yarn Along link up and join in too!  Has the weather turned cold for you yet, or are you reading something really great I should put on my list for next year?  Happy Thanksgiving, friends.  If you are traveling, I hope you have safe travels, and if not, that you are surrounded by those you love in your own home or nearby.  


  1. Sarah! What exciting news about the farmhouse!!! I'm quite jealous. :) We are looking, too, and no farmhouse with 2 acres is in sight for us but a girl can dream, right? And you are giving me hope! I'm so hopeful this works out for you and that if nothing else, the sale of your home goes through today. That would be lovely just before Thanksgiving. Also, I love the idea of the headphones. My parents just gave my kids a cd player, maybe we should accompany those with some headphones?! ;)

  2. praying you sell that house. then I pray you get the next house!! exciting times for you and your family, I hope all of it works out for the best.