Friday, December 09, 2016

december happy list


We really enjoyed our happy little exams, a funny word for what we were doing, really.  I had a list of topics we went over and Lyddie and Millie drew pictures and told back what they remembered. William Tell.  St. Alban.  A favorite nature discovery.  A favorite fairy tale.  A favorite Bible story.  Reciting memorized poems and Scripture.  Snow falling outside and pine scented candles.  

At least six inches of snowfall yesterday and it has snowed steadily all day with another inch or two added.  It's so beautiful and bright but not the kind of snow you can pack into snowballs, so no snowmen this time.  This afternoon we are having a movie marathon in front of the fire after the morning spent playing outside.  Each girl is getting more and more independent at putting on snow clothes which makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable - for mommy. Puddles of melting snow in the doorway.  Boots drying by the woodstove and hats piled up by the door.  Cuddles and goldfish crackers and blankets.

Homemade pizza for dinner tonight like every Friday, and knitting, knitting!  I cast on a hat for Lyddie and it's nice to be knitting again.  


  1. Those girls <3 Can't wait to see you guys soon!!!

  2. so lovely. you have made such a cozy home of your temporary place! can't wait for snow here and all the puddles and mud and cuddling that it brings. :)

  3. a delightful list and beautiful photos :)