Wednesday, December 07, 2016

december ramble

I'll lead with news for those who have been praying for us:  Our house closed and is done and sold!  We were so relieved to have that over with and be able to focus on moving on wherever the Lord leads on this adventure.  We are now waiting on the appraisal for our new house which may take a few weeks because appraisals are backed up here (why?  I don't know... because there's a lot of people buying and not enough appraisers apparently).  Everyone we know says the same thing, "That is a great house!  I'm so excited for you!" Those who have lived here a long time add, "I have such great memories in that house," and go on to describe some of their memories.  We are really pleased at the idea of buying and living in a house that has a legacy of joy and love for so many people since that's our goal in home ownership anyway.  We want to use all we have to His glory and the growth of His Kingdom in our own lives and family and beyond into the community including our house.  We are continuing to pray that everything goes through quickly for the sake of our sellers and for our sake too - especially smoothly! 

I'm getting ready to cast on a hat for Lyddie in this cute Peter Pan yarn she picked out at a new yarn store we stopped by. (That adorable Amanda hat I knit her almost three years ago is getting a bit small...)  It's acrylic and nylon because this girl doesn't like a hint of itch and I think it will knit up sweet with the little sparkle in it.  I'm thinking of Aibhie's hat which I've wanted to knit for a long time.  She was so cute deliberating over all the different yarns, placing them on her neck like I do to evaluate the itchiness.  "Do you think it would be hard for me to learn to knit a hat, Mama?"  Not too hard, and not too far off either.  She's getting faster at her knitting but doesn't pick it up very often.  Once we have a bit more space, I will organize a quiet-afternoon basket for each of the girls again and that will encourage her to pick it up a bit more when she's tired of reading. Or maybe after school is on break I'll have time to do that.  I'm trying my best to simulate personal space in as many ways as possible even though we live all together in one room.  I am really praising the Lord for the fact that we've been completely healthy while living here.  What a blessing that is. 

We are almost done with school for this  term, finishing up Term 1 of Ambleside Year 1 today and doing a few light fun "exams" tomorrow to review.  I'm going to spread butcher paper out on the table and have some drawing narrations and light some candles and make tea and make it a cozy special time together.  It's amazing how things are lining up across components of our curriculum - we are at "assessment" lessons in our math as well and will finish up a big section of our spelling today too.  Then I will put school on hold until January and focus on other activities through the rest of Advent.  I'd love to hear some of your favorite activities you do (or did) with your kids the weeks leading up to Christmas.  Especially if there are some unusual ones!  

We enjoyed an afternoon at the trampoline park earlier this week, which was supposed to happen a few weeks ago for Lyddie's birthday but got pushed back for house-logistics.  I love watching them run with such exuberance around the trampolines.  And I have to admit, I really love jumping and running with them too.  

I'm still reading Rebecca by Du Maurier.  By reading, I mean it's sitting on my nightstand with a bookmark in it.  Ha.

Linking up with Ginny's Yarn Along party as I love to do.  


  1. thank goodness you closed! finally! I hope you get your new house sooner than it's predicted but it seems like where you live it's slow going. hopefully no one else wants the house :) :)

    1. Thank you! Looks like it's going to be ours if everything goes smoothly!