Wednesday, February 22, 2017

yarn along

I am still knitting away on my Buds and Bumbles shawl.  This picture was taken late at night and doesn't at all do the colors justice - the photo is too warm and the colors are not nearly all so yellow.  I have the pattern memorized now which has made it way way easier and I'm not losing my place and making mistakes anymore.  

I am reading a lot of different books as you can see.  We have had a lot of success with the DASH diet plan the past couple weeks which you can read about here.  I'm reading through the second phase when you add back in whole grains and fruits to see how things will change once we get there in a few days.  

I just picked up The Heavenly Man which is a book about the persecuted church in China.  Jesse read it last year and really recommended it but I never started it until this week.  It's very good, challenging and encouraging and convicting all at the same time.  I am reading the Brennan Manning book for a ladies prayer and discussion time we will be having soon. In the Woods is a slow start but I am really intrigued by the storyline and interested in where this mystery will go.

I'm joining up with the Yarn Along linkup hosted every Wednesday by Ginny.  What are you working on?  Have you read anything really fantastic lately?  Leave a link so I can be sure not to miss your post!

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  1. gosh you have a lot of books going at the same time, and I thought my two books was adventurous!! Lovely knitting :)