Wednesday, March 01, 2017

squeezed in

The days speed by, I keep wondering why they feel so fast! But then, it occurs to me that busy busy days are probably just my new normal as a homeschool mom.  I think I have found a rhythm for school (finally) that I really like; it doesn't feel harried or like I'm trying to crowd in learning but is more like a peaceful exploration of different planned subjects and topics together.  

The busy planning and prepping and schooling - it does mean knitting just gets squeezed in wherever I can - usually late in the evenings or maybe during school here and there.  I miss knitting more, but I think this season of having moved and unpacking and transitions and school and mothering means that maybe for the next few months it will be slower going.  I do love my Buds and Bumbles shawl; the colors are so vibrant and bright!  

I am still reading the DASH Diet Action Plan and sticking closely to the changes we planned for.  I'm not seeing any change in my blood pressure yet which feels a little discouraging but I know that it's still possible; it's only been a couple weeks and I know the more weight I take off the more likely I am to see health changes.  I'm also trying to mentally come to terms with the idea that maybe, no matter what I do, I will always battle hypertension.  Maybe it's the "thorn in my flesh" so I'm asking for peace and patience and diligence from the Lord, seeking to be content whatever His will brings.

I'm reading several titles at once, just a tiny bit here and there.  
Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry is one of my favorites and a pleasant reread.
 The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun keeps challenging me to remember that God doesn't fit in my neat little Presbyterian boxes (haha)
The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning is doing the same and is really encouraging to me in the space where I exist both physically and spiritually.  
I keep wandering back to The Count of Monte Cristo over the CraftLit podcast, but I'm just not terribly gripped by the story so I'm not listening really regularly.  The reader annoys me a little but he's pretty good for a Librivox reader so it's probably more that the story is very episodic and hard to follow when I listen to it at night to fall asleep... 

Spring is trying its hardest to arrive and the trees have tiny buds on them.  Some green flowers are pressing up through the soil but I'm not sure yet what they will be.  I'm dreaming of my garden and dreaming of lazy days that are probably something of a mirage because mothers don't really have lazy days.  While dreaming I'm also trying to keep on top of the laundry and the cooking and finding places for junk that doesn't yet have a home and oh yes, trying to keep the muddy muck from taking over our entire home.  Wish me luck!

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  1. I hope you see a change in your blood pressure soon. That would be nice! However, all the healthy diet changes are changes for the good and maybe compare three months? That would probably yield some measurable progress!

  2. I know what you mean about the blood pressure. I had high blood pressure brought on by my pregnancy with Miss C and it's been high for 6 years. It's only been recently that it is back down to a normal range. It's been diet, exercise and Plexus for me. Good luck.

  3. Hope the diet does alter your blood pressure, but either way, it can only be a good thing. Brother Yun is so inspiring, you have reminded me that I have been looking at the book recently and thinking I would like a re-read. Love all your snowy photos as it is SO hot here! Homeschool is well worth all the missed knitting opportunities, believe me - it is such a blessing to know you are teaching them in their family with the love and respect they deserve.

  4. Hello friend! Just giving a little wave to you from the midst of my chaos! Keep making beautiful things, reading good books here and there, loving on and nurturing those babies. You are doing holy work! Hope the diet yields more good results. Blessings!