Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Well, I felt so proud of my accomplishment last week that I thought I'd try it again today. My before pictures didnt' turn out so great, a little dark, but basically our bedroom was a disaster after we fell into bed after our trip to Spokane. We hadn't even started to unpack and it was driving me nuts last night, but once again, I fell into bed before getting a chance to tackle the mess in the bedroom. I am way too grumpy for projects like that at 11:15 pm.

So I tackled it this morning since I don't have class until 5 this evening. Here's at least one picture of the bedroom, but you can't see the luggage still crammed in the corners. I hadn't even opened the curtains for a few days... which explains the dark and the dank (okay, dank might be a little extreme...)
It's so much nicer after the curtains are opened and the massive amount of crap has been thrown away, put away, or laundered. I feel like no matter how much I "tidy" there's still piles of unimportant things - things that even have a home but never seem to reach them for longer than 5 minutes before they go astray. We'll see how long this tidy lasts:

Hooray, you can see the floor. The amazing thing about doing tackle-it in the morning is that my overall productivity increases by about 100%! After tackling the mess and starting laundry (again, I know, I feel like I just DID laundry, but it was a week ago, after all), I proceeded to go to the produce stand and purchase a few yummy things to supplement my meal plan (all for $12!):
I also deposited a check at the bank before coming home and cleaning the bathroom, and cleaning the fishbowl, which is definitely a non-preferred activity for me. Fortunately, I had blogging, which IS a preferred activity, looming in the near future, so I remained motivated, even when faced with the film over the top of the water in the bowl, the floating fish poop (gross), and the slimy rocks at the bottom. Our fish gets dirty faster than other fish, I'm convinced. However, he is always so appreciative and bubbly in clean water, so it's worth it. Plus I got a picture and a bit on my blog post out of the deal. Hi King Lear!
First rate morning, I'd say. Now I should go tackle the breakfast dishes and get myself ready for a jaunt into Seattle. I really do despise spending 2 hours on the bus each way for a 1.5 hour class. Pity me.
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