Thursday, November 15, 2007


Well, I'm sick - again. It sucks! Jesse had a cold last week and finally is feeling better. I was hoping I would escape because, although I felt a little yucky at the end of last week, I never really ended up feverish or coughing much.
This morning I wasn't feeling good again but I decided to go into work anyways and hope that I would feel better as the day went on. By early afternoon, everyone around me was cold and wearing thick sweaters (the heating in our center is variable) but I was fanning myself, peeling layers, and drinking ice water. It was my first clue that maybe I was a little feverish; I didn't FEEL like I had a fever (no over-sensitive skin, no raging headache). My mom (whom I work with) has EVERYTHING (like all moms do) and offered me the thermometer in her desk.

I took it to the bathroom and watched the numbers rise on the digital screen. When it registered 99.4 I was hoping it would stop. It climbed all the way to 99.9 before beeping. "Well, that explains it," I thought. I understand now why I feel SO tired and am having difficulty forming perfectly coherent sentences." I left work early and slept on the couch, flipped through channels and waited for Jesse to get home.

He brought home chicken teriyaki so I wouldn't have to make dinner. I felt feverish all afternoon and about an hour ago started feeling ridiculously congested in my sinuses. Yuck.
At least "The Office" is on tonight. :-D

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