Sunday, June 08, 2008


Well, as always, I've continued to plan our meals each week, but I've been shifting my planning strategy a little since we started buying our produce (mostly) locally. Instead of meal planning and then shopping, we now go shopping to the farmer's market, come home and I meal plan after knowing what kinds of food I will have to work with. I then go buy the rest of the things we need... non-perishables, household stuff, and any extra little produce that we might need to finish off a meal. It's been a fun adventure, but a little more time-consuming and I haven't spent as much time browsing online recipes for ideas, since I'm making food with whatever we have.

That said, I think I've got it down now and am having fun with it. I thought I would post my meal plan this week...

Monday: Asian vegetable wraps (carrots, bok choy, bean sprouts, lettuce, etc) with spicy peanut sauce. Rice and soy sauce on the side to help fill us up.

Tuesday: Chef's salad with turkey, jack cheese, carrot sticks, radishes, a local salad mix, hardboiled eggs, etc. Flatbread on the side.

Wednesday: Spaghetti with Andouille sausage in the sauce. I'll be home right in time for Bible study, so I kept it simple for Jesse to prepare. For Bible study, I'm making carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

Thursday: Peppered pork loin and new potatoes (if the pork's good, I'll post the recipe on my food blog)

Friday: Calzones with the rest of the sausage from Wednesday, red sauce, mozzerella, and black olives and anything else we want to throw in. Homemade pizza crust from Biblical Womanhood

Saturday: Girl's night out for me on Alki in Seattle! We're eating at Pegasus and I'll probably treat myself to a yummy pasta dish! I bought Brats and sauerkraut for Jesse to make himself. I felt like a good little wife.

That's it for this week. We also got a couple pounds of cherries at the market in Spokane (where we were visiting Jesse's family this weekend). They're delicious and will make a yummy snack/lunchtime complement. We've been pretty much just eating apples in the way of fruit and I'm ready for something new! :)

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