Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prayer request

We covet your prayers right now. We are so discouraged about Jesse's job search - it is so difficult when so many job leads have led nowhere in the past. Jesse's natural inclination when things are so repeatedly discouraging is to withdraw and he has to fight every step of the way to keep trying. It is truly a battle and we feel darkness all around us. It doesn't help that we have gone weeks without any sunshine (until tonight) and the weather is still chilly.

Please pray that Jesse would find a job for this summer and for next fall. Please pray that God would specifically have a teaching job for him, but that if that is not in His plan, then that He would provide something else that will pay well and that Jesse will be at peace about. At this point, substitute teaching another year just can't work. The good news is that for this summer he has an interview in a copy production place coming up this next week and another lead popped up from a gal at work whose husband went through the same thing (trying to find a teaching job/subbing) a number of years ago and who is now in roofing. At any rate, we really have no idea what God's plan is, but we would love prayer for peace to trust His provision and grace for Jesse to work as hard as he can to find something and grace for me to be patient and encouraging - and encouraged.

In His Grip,

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