Friday, June 20, 2008

So many...

people are pregnant right now. When did we get to the phase of life that people are having babies?? It's crazy. Jesse's cousin and best friend Jerry and his wife Jessica are expecting a baby in August. Jesse's other good friend Danny and his wife Amber are expecting a baby in... October I think? And my friend Morgan just called me the other day to say she is expecting in February!
And then! My good friend Michelle called me on Wednesday to tell me her wedding was going to be in August and she asked me to be a bridesmaid! I am so thrilled for her; she has been dating her fiance David for a while and I figured they would probably be getting engaged in the near future, but I didn't know the wedding was going to be so quick! I really think, though, that that's the way to do it if you can. Our 1 1/2 year engagement was really not ideal in many senses, but God was sovereign and knew what our relationship needed! I think we have a strong marriage and I think having to wait for it and develop our relationship more and more was essential - but I don't think everyone should go for that option! We would definitely have been married much sooner - so I'm excited for Michelle. AND instead of living in Arizona going to school, she will be living up in Everett/Lynnwood. Hopefully we will be able to connect more frequently.

So this week has held some pretty big news for a few of my friends! I'm excited for Morgan and Michelle. I sure can't wait until the day we feel it's time to have a baby - but again, we are trying to be patient and rest in what God's timing seems to be.

Next week I start taking the NDT course which is being held at CTC. This is actually a huge and exciting thing. I have been hearing about NDT principles of treatment, and my supervisor (and best friend's mom) has said that it will change the way I treat. I am excited to have a better understanding of overall normal development and to have a stronger understanding of how to work with children who have movement disorders. This is the amazing thing to me: I have been hoping for at least 5 years that I would eventually get to take an NDT course, but they are typically 8-weeks long, and typically not in Seattle... they are all over the country, but there was no way I could afford that much time off work AND the $3700 tuition for the class. So get this: the center where I work - CTC, is hosting the course. And it's not going to be 8 straight weeks, it will be 8 weeks spread over 8 months, so the other weeks of each month, we can work. AND because CTC is hosting and there have been a few scholarships and the ability to apply my continuing ed money to the course,instead of $3700, I am taking this class for $700. $700!!!!!!!!!! It is such a blessing! No matter where we end up in the future or what I am doing, I am trusting that God is giving me this training for a reason and a purpose.

So starting next week, one or two weeks a month, I will be in class again from 8-6 on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It will be a sacrifice, but it will be worth it. I'm excited!

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