Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Reused Treasures and Homespun goodies

It's been a really successful treasure hunting week and I wanted to share my goodies! The story behind our couches is that we were given couches when first married and we were so grateful to our friends from our church who blessed us with them, since we had to spend money on a mattress and definitely didn't have any extra as two students at that time! But the time had come where the others were just getting shabby looking and they didn't really fit my idea of "cozy" so we were scanning Craig's list for a number of days when these beauties popped up for only $200 for both! There were a spots and stuff, but we rented a Rug Doctor last night and they came mostly clean except for a few minor tiny spots here and there that aren't noticeable. I love them, the warm red and off-white is perfect and exactly what I was hoping to find!

On Saturday we stopped in at one of the thrift stores nearby to poke around as a fun and cheap date and I had been hoping to find some little jars to hold Q-tips, cotton balls and bandaids for our downstairs "garden-y" bathroom. Look what I found! These cute little stacking jars and the metal butterfly lids were only $2.00 total for the set! The jar lids don't actually go with the jars but we got creative and I love it. It is the kind of thing I'd see in a gift store and want but refuse to buy because it would be at least $20. I was pleased!

Last, but not least, I found this treasure buried among some decrepit picture frames and snatched it. I figured we could find a mirror to the right proportions to fit inside, and Jesse hopped online when we got home and found one for $11. The whole thing was a bit less than $30 altogether (compared to at least 2 times that for comparable mirrors I've seen in the stores) and will be a nice addition to our living room. I have been wanting to add a couple mirrors to increase the light in here.

It's been a real week for treasure-hunting and I wanted to share my goodies!

Additionally, I have been knitting some treasures and thought I'd get around to posting pictures finally. This is the baby sweater I started last summer and finished putting together in the fall. I figured I'd practice sweater making on a manageable size before attempting making one for myself! And I'll save it for a hopeful someday...

And my dear friend, Shelan, is having a baby in a few weeks, so I just finished a knit baby stroller blanket for her in blues, browns, and white. I don't have a completed picture but these are just before weaving the ends in to finish so you get the idea. I thought it was quite adorable.

(A close-up of the pattern)

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