Tuesday, June 16, 2009


a) Vegging out is good but I should limit it and get busy. Like folding the mountain of our entire wardrobes that is currently spilling out of two overstuffed baskets into our hallway. A good wife, and a wife who supposedly has limitless energy in her second trimester, would have folded those instead of watching that slutty show "The Bachelorette" last night (but I blame Jesse, who turned it on in the first place - and for the record, I am SO done with that show, even if it gets turned on accidentally. The preview for next week's episode truly disgusted me... not that they don't usually, but this time it was too far.) I did get up early this morning since I couldn't sleep anymore, but what did I do with the extra time? Other than read my Bible, I played on facebook, read some blogs, and am now writing a pointless post on mine.

b) My midwife says I need to eat more vegetables, although I don't know what she was worried about since at my last visit I had only lost more weight in this pregnancy. Now that I'm eating again, I have been trying to generally "do it right." But there is something so irritating to me when I read some of the "pregnancy diet" literature out there because I think they expect you to eat at least 8.5 meals a day to get all that food in! There is no way I can eat 12 (!!) servings of whole grains in one day without waking up every few hours to feed my face. I guess since I am already up rushing to the bathroom to empty my bladder one to two times a night, I could just keep the rice cooker or crockpot and a salad in the bathroom and eat an extra meal or two each night before heading back to bed. I mean, seriously. When you're pregnant, who wants to eat 5 servings of green and yellow vegetables each day? Should I have a handful of spinach with my granola in the morning? I'm feeling good if I eat one or two servings... so I decided not to stress (and not to get angry at the "rules") and just ignore it all. I eat generally healthy food (now that I'm not so sick all the time) and a balanced diet which could always be improved. But I have never been able to successfully carry off a diet in non-pregnant life. What makes people think pregnant ladies can do it now when our tastes, needs, hormones, and desires are so different?

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  1. a] take it easy while you can!! :)
    b] ignore all the stupid rules. Eat a balanced diet, take your prenatal. I think people just like to come up with all kinds of dumb rules for pregnant people just to stress them out and make them feel like they're not doing everything they should.

  2. I agree. Take the prenatal and stop worrying! You are doing just fine.